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Bi Entertainment 

The following is a partial list of out, proud bisexual artists: poets, speakers, musicians, authors; all of whom are available for local pride events, concerts, Celebrate Bisexuality Day events, conferences, etc. Most contact information is accessible by following the link.  Others are listed by the appropriate name


Authors (available to read excerpts from their books, do book signings, discuss their work)

  • Jonathan Alexander ( Bisexuality and Transgenderism: InterSEXions of the Others)

  • Bill Burleson (Bi America: Myths, Truths, And Struggles Of An Invisible Community)

  • Beth Firestein (Becoming Visible: Counseling Bisexuals Across the Lifespan; , Bisexuality: The Psychology and Politics of an Invisible Minority)

  • Jamison Green (Becoming a Visible Man)

  • Jan Steckel (The Underwater Hospital)

  • Ron Suresha (Bi Guys; Bi Men; Bears on Bears; Bearotica; Bear Lust)

  • Robyn Ochs (Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World; Bisexual Resource Guide )

  • Mike Szymanski/Nicole Kristal (The Bisexuals Guide to the Universe:Quips, Tips, and Lists for Those Who Go Both Ways) contact information: Mike Szymanski, Entertainment Writer & Critic, 6770 Milner Road, Hollywood, CA 90068  Office: 323-969-0328   Cell: 323-356-7860

Comedy Acts


  • Olivia Cornell "soulful hard - folkin' rough grown rock"

  • Skott Freedman pop music, singer/song writer/piano man

  • Magdalen Hsu Li "“her blend of hard-grounded folk and sweet siren lyrics makes an enduring impression upon the american music scene…her distinguishing factor is her cool, edgy, sound and courage to be sensitive, tender, and feminine"

  • Juba Kalamka former member of "homohop" band Deep Dickollective

  • Matt Katz  Classic Rock / Big Beat / Folk Rock

  • Rorie Kelly "folk gems reminiscent of Dar Williams"

  • Nicole Kristal "...conveys a staggering range of emotion and ability through an organic, acoustic sound"

  • Louisa McBee Light "Live instrumentals, electronic scapes, bangin' bass lines, crisp beats and most of all a sultry voice that will soon bring you back to the hope that you have long awaited for."

  • Holly Near yes, THE Holly Near

  • Robin Renee "Renée's musical style blends a poet's eye with Punk and post-Punk's independent, defiant spirit, New Wave's quirky art-pop, and the edgy introspection with which [the classic] singer-songwriters… dissected life"

  • Rachel Sage ""lovely and literate folk-pop-rock""


Speakers (follow link for additional speaking details)

Bloggers (these may be blogs focused on bisexuality, or blogs by bisexuals):




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