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Wendy Curry & Tucker

Wendy is the current president of BiNet USA and a software engineer.  Tucker joined Wendy's pack upon birth (The Curry's fostered his pregnant mother during Wendy's presidency at NEARR).  

Rob is a member of the BiNet USA family. He's a husband, father, musician, music school owner, and a member of the International Black Belt Hall of Fame.  Click here for a note from Rob


Louisa McBee (Light) seduces her listeners with sultry angelic vocals to a strong groove and hypnotic bass.





 My name is Maria Myrback.  I am an herbalist and aromatherapist, business owner, happily married mother of two teenage sons and cheerfully enslaved to my Umbrella Cockatoo, Chela.

Larry Terry, Dallas Tx, 57yo, Bench Tech for Xerox, hp, Lexmark, Ricoh and Brother office machines. Single Bi-Bottom. I'm Proud.

Robyn Ochs  has identified as bisexual for more than 30 years, so if – as some people insist – bisexuality is just a phase, then, WOW, what a phase it’s been! Robyn is proud to be a “professional bisexual,” meaning that she travels around the United States (and sometimes beyond) speaking about issues including bisexual identity. Robyn lives in Boston, MA and on the first day it was legal to do so, she married Peg Preble, the love of her life. They have shared their lives for ten years (so far) and look forward to more to come.

The Dandy Man is a funny NY comic who doesn't shy away from his sexuality.  For more in his antics, visit his myspace page

Sean Patrick Brennan describes himself as a brother and friend to all human beings, and a member of the GLBTIQ Community as an out and proud bisexual man.  He is the Vice President of Communications for Pride Alliance of Long Island, a member of InterPride, and is also very interested and enthralled with all things spiritual.


Pushcart-nominated writer and poet Jan Steckel, author of The Underwater Hospital (Zeitgeist Press, 2006), is a former pediatrician trained at Harvard and Yale. She lives with her husband, Hew Wolff (host of Berkeley BiFriendly), in Oakland, California. You can find out more about her and her writing at

Erynn Rowan Laurie lives in Everett, Washington. She's a disabled Navy veteran, professional madwoman, and Pagan author who loves critters, camping, travel, food, and poetry, among many other things. Her newest book, Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom, is due out in September 2007 from Megalithica Press. Drop by her LiveJournal and read about what's going on with her.



Nakoma Love is our resident brat

  Former BiNet USA organizer, Robin Renee is an alternative music goddess.  Words can't describe how special she is, so let me quote from her website - Her smooth delivery flows through and I expect her to pop up on all sorts of interesting projects delivering wonderful post-modern soul to the masses. - San Francisco Spectrum 

Former BiNet USA media coordinator Mike Szymanski, and Nicole Kristal have a sensation on their hands with "The Bisexual's Guide to the Universe.". It's required reading for anyone who ever straddled a fence.  For more on this project, visit their myspace page 

Barry Saiff, a former President of BiNet USA, is passionately committed to the end of extreme poverty on Earth by 2020. In addition to his bisexual activism, he started volunteering for The Hunger Project in 1981, and that is now his focus, in addition to working as a technical writer and enjoying living in San Francisco and occasional trips to Asia. You can read one of his poems here:  

Alexei Guren's name is seen throughout our bi history.  Past President of BiNet USA, he is currently an advisor to the BiNet USA board.  He’s worked as an advocate for men with HIV/AIDS, been the Program Director for the Bi Men’s Conferences and advanced dialogue on bi health issues. For just a few of his accomplishments, see the bi health timeline

JS Groves makes his living by hammering gold and silver, setting it on fire,grinding it with abrasives, and magically producing things of beauty.  He began the lifelong process of coming out as bisexual in 2002 and has been an openly practicing witch since 1996.  At heart he is a writer and is currently working on no fewer than nine separate novel projects: two in the supernatural horror genre, the rest heroic fantasy.

The goddesses - Lani Ka'ahumanu and Loraine Hutchins, authors of Bi Any Other Name, aka that book introduced a generation to bi community, are still active in BiNet USA - advising & mentoring us on a regular basis

Ron Suresha, author of Bi Men & Bi Guys, as well as a whole slew of other books.  he is currently on the board of the Bi Resource center and the planning committee of the International Conference on Bisexuality 2008.

Yes, I'm happily married to a great guy, but if you think that changes who I am as an out-bi woman, you'd be waaaay off base.  I have a kickass family life - courtesy of my other half, two awesome stepkids and my son, John, who rocks my world on a daily basis. I am Christian, I am a Republican who is pissed at the guys running the party right now and I hate it when anyone tries to tell me who and what I should be. I've never fit a mold - and I don't intend to start now.
Of course, between 7 and 11am ET, you can find me with Larry Flick and Keith Price on Sirius OutQ 109 - the coolest talk channel at Sirius Satellite Radio - as part of "OutQ in the Morning with Larry Flick."  What's it like? Think the "Today" show on steroids.  It's a safe place for gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgendered folks to have their voices and issues HEARD. If you don't have Sirius, shame on you!  But seriously, you can always check us out by going to and getting the free 3-day trial - because there's no reason not to!

Current board of the Bisexual Resource Center

rifka is a proud Jewish mom of a teenage son (she is proud of being Jewish and of her son).
She is also an out and loud bisexual and transgender activist and serves on the executive board of TACT (Transgender Advocacy of Central Texas).
In addition to all this, she has two wonderful sweeties.

Greetings All, Finnegan Here.

I am a bisexual Queer American Expatriate Poet, Writer and Performance Artist of Afro-Caribbean, Irish & Cuban decent. Originally from NYC, I am in the middle of my own World Tour.

Having spent the latter half 2006 and first part of 2007 in back in the USA after four years abroad, am once again going back into The Vast Global Drink, spreading my Fins and Diving Deep.

I'm currently interested in the French, German, Dutch, Italian, Greek and Japanese languages and plan on continuing my work on my Bisexual/Bicultural/Bilingual Books of Poetry from all of the above. To see my work, please visit my main website: Poetry is Not a Sickness, my LiveJournal: "Finnegan's World Travels"  and my MySpace Page

If you like my work, find my poetry dark, funny, lewd or shocking, please feel free to contact me to comment at any or all of the above sites. I am particularly interested in hearing from other Bi Artists, and perhaps someday, putting together an ensemble performance showcase.  I look forward to <a
hearing from any interested or intrigued parties. 

F i n n e g a n

PS  Of course, anyone interested in publishing my verse, please always feel free to contact me immediately


Sheela Lambert

BiNet USA royalty: Past board members Heidee Sinowitz, Barry Saif, Denise Penn, and Gary North















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