Peer Support for Group Leaders

Some inquiries on this subject have come in. So in case you all missed the original announcement about this back when it started, yes there is an online peer support group for ALL people who run groups (both the face to face and the online kinds) for the bisexual, fluid, pansexual, hetro/homo-flexible, omnisexual, et al. community.

The group called Local Bi Group Leaders was started in 2007 by the leader of a local Colorado USA support group who says:

“This is a place for Local Bi Group Leaders to share their advice with each other. Do you have a support group or a social group, or a combination? Do you invite just woman, men, transgender or all? Where and how do you advertise? Do you meet in person or just online? Are you an activist group or just a group to meet other bisexual/pansexual people? Do you have an affiliation with the local gay and lesbian center? These are just some of the questions we have as we try to get more people involved. Whether you’re just starting out and want advice, or you have a hoppin’ group and you can share advice, sign up here!”

The group is conducted in English but has people from all over the world.

So if you’re a professional social-worker running a multi-faceted Community Center, the moderator of an on-line community website or a newbie just setting up a support group at your school or college please come and join up.

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