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I live with my wife and four of my five kids, my oldest child lives in her own home now with her affianced. I have four sons and a foster son, but the foster son is now in the Air Force. I am a member of the International Black Belt Hall of Fame. My wife and I are happily married and are still performing musicians though we own a music school in the small town in which we live and I also still teach Martial Arts. We have a few students who are LGBT and who have come out to us because they feel safe here and that they can be themselves and their parents occasionally come to us just to have someone who can listen. I figured myself out about the time that I turned 13 and from that point on I knew who I was and generally most of my friends just figured it out as they got to know me. Never really hid it and never really carried the sign or wore the T-shirt, so to speak.

I also write mostly academic material in religion and philosophy but some fiction. I'm working on a series of short stories that address some social issues (a guarantee that they will not be noticed). I also write and record music and I am perpetually working on a CD that never seems to get finished, and my PhD thesis is progressing just as quickly. I am dyslexic and ambidextrous, which I am told can make me irritating to fence with. I also do stand up comedy.

I can't work on mechanical things and usually don't know the date but I am clear on key and time signature. I could give myself a surprise party if I planned more that two weeks in advance but I can tell you what song each of well over fifty music students is doing.

As for my personal identity struggles, I canít really say that there were any though I know that many others had some difficulty. My adoptive family was pretty dysfunctional about most things but there always were LGBT in the family with two of my adult male relatives being Bi and generally positive role models. I had four sibling there, one is dead one canít even come out to the mirror; the other two are nice people who are happily oblivious in general. The family just felt that it was the business of the individual so it would be rude to say anything about it or pry. Same sex partners just happened to be around for family events Christmas and Easter, so maybe I grew up with a slightly non-standard view of what was acceptable. They were very southern country people who have lived on those farms since they got off of a boat three centuries ago. My Bio family is, on one side, also those same kind of farmers who have lived from Virginia down to Alabama and north Florida and on the other side my mom was a career writer and performer in comedy who has been nominated for four Emmys, and considering that I donít think she knew many straight people in her business no problems there. I have a little sister on that side and she is cool.

I am active on a few Bi oriented lists and sites for discussion and mostly helping the younger generation learn how to deal with this. 














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