BiNet USA: The Beginning


Did you know? “Are we ready for a National Bisexual Network?” was proposed on a 1987 flyer distributed to bi folks marching in the 1987 March on Washington by Liz Nania (who designed the overlapping triangles in the BiNet USA logo) and Lucy Friedland of Boston Bi Women who coordinated …

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BiNet USA Prez Presents at BlaqOUT Conference


On Saturday I had the great pleasure of presenting my “Intersection Electric: An Interactive Tour of  Black Bi Histories and Culture (with games!)” workshop at the BlaqOUT Conference hosted by University of California, Riverside. BiNet USA M&M’s proved popular! In a fun turn of events I was honored with the …

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Guest Blog: The Weight of Bisexuality By Julia Canfield

The Weight of Bisexuality By Julia Canfield The third week of Bisexual* Health Awareness Month, sponsored by the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC), focused its lens on nutrition and physical activity. Over the past decade, we have been gaining a clearer picture of chronic disease risk and weight issues within the …

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