Guest Blogger Matthew Powell Ruminates on Freedom

I am not free. Screaming is all I felt like doing today.  More and more each day, the anger I feel seems to intensify.  I am not free.  I am lucky.  But nowhere near free.  I am lucky and cursed.  Freedom appears to be mine until I get to the edge…

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Looking For Bi Couples Affected By DOMA


Photo courtesy of The Respect For Marriage Coalition (of which BiNet USA is a proud member) are building a rich collection of diverse families and stories to share with media. Send us your stories at In particular, we are looking for stories showing:  How inequality harms families.  How marriage for…

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Bisexual Immigrant Nearly Deported Gets Reprieve

Excerpt from “The Curious Case of Ivo Widlak” Even as Ivo and Lale submit their marriage to review by authorities, the bisexual community has moved to embrace them, with plans for rallies, courtroom cheer sections and support across social media. Bisexual journalist Neal Boulton says, “America is the last great…

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