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BiNet USA Budget 2009 – 2011

BiNet USA is a purely volunteer organization that survives on generous donations of funds and services.   Below you’ll see a graph that breaks down the expenses of the organization between 2009 and 2011.  Download this spreadsheet for further insights!

Graph courtesy of Jim Larsen, Co-Chair of BOP and BiNet USA volunteer.  Visit the Bisexual Organizing Project at to learn more about the BOP.

About BiNet USA

Who We Are

BiNet USA, a 501C3 nonprofit organization, is the oldest national bisexual entity in the United States. It is a network of groups, projects and individuals, encouraging dialogue and participation as a way of creating and maintaining a cohesive bisexual community and empowering individuals to feel proud of their bisexuality.

The Mission of BiNet USA:

As an umbrella organization and voice for bisexual people, BiNet USA will facilitate the development of a cohesive network of bisexual communities, promote bisexual visibility, and collect and distribute educational information regarding bisexuality. To accomplish these goals, BiNet USA will provide a national network for bisexual organizations and individuals across the United States, and encourage participation and organizing on local and national levels.

Where BiNet USA Stands On Today’s Issues

BiNet USA supports:

  • Hate Crimes legislation that includes LGBT people and protects us like any other targeted group
  • A comprehensive anti-bullying policy in our schools via the Safe Schools Act.
  • An end to workplace discrimination via the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) that protects everyone
  • Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell so that LGBT persons may serve in the military openly and with the same rights as their straight counterparts.
  • Repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) so that every marriage in every state has the same federal rights.
  • The right to adopt, foster and have equal custody of our children and raise our families like any other parents.
  • Immigration reform that recognizes same-sex couples and ends the needless separation of families.

BiNet USA Board of Directors

Faith Cheltenham, President

Luigi Ferrer, Vice-President

Gary B. North, Treasurer

Morgan Goode, Secretary

Chiquita Violette

Stacey Langley


Jim Larsen, Scott O’Malley

Contacting BiNet USA

BiNet USA 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 110-311, Arlington, VA   22203-1859    USA


for press inquiries, please call 1-800-585-9368 or email