About the BiNet Collective


  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Intersectional research opportunities

  • Speaker’s bureau

  • Bisexual Travel Club

BiNet USA will be utilizing the BiNet Collective for collaborative collectivism for engaging with parties going forward to limit how much:

emotional labor,
free advice,
group crowd thinking,
and overall free work

that gets leveraged off our backs as:

bi, pan, fluid and bi+ people,
and as Black, Brown and Indigenous folks,
as disabled people,
as elders,
as sex workers,
as college students,
as professors,
as health researchers,
as asexuals, intersex people
and others too often erased.

People know our bisexual pride flag, but they often don’t know our name, BiNet USA, or that bisexuals have been organizing independently on the national level since 1987. 

Going forward BiNet USA plans to only respond to participants in our collective; or critically important direct service opportunities for bisexual people.

We now offer groups online internally at binetusa.org/everywhere/ hosted by us, for us and our communities.

With this move we seek to remove BiNet USA for consistently getting used by social media companies who rely on our hits, as well as institutions and administrations that don’t always reciprocate what we provide. 

We will be sharing more of this news with the broader LGBTQIA community as we roll out the new United States, Hawaii and Puerto Rico based collective. 

Thank you,
thefayth, Faith Cheltenham, BiNet USA President
working alongside BiNet USA Board and the BiNet Collective.